Solar Irrigation System

Solar Irrigation System

Domestic Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar water pumps enable you to move water from its remote source to wherever you need it, without access to power lines.

Solar pumping can be used for; domestic use for washing, cooking and drinking, livestock watering, irrigation etc.

Majority of the solar pumps are designed to use off-grid systems and are extremely efficient. The efficient means of using a solar system is powering the pump directly with the solar panel without using batteries.

Instead of using the batteries, the tank is used to reserve the needed water for the period of no sunlight to power the pump.

It is more economical, less complexity, efficient and environmental friendly.

Agricultural/Industrial Solar Powered Water Pump

Solar Powered Water Pump can be used for fish pond watering, grazing and irrigating the farm lands for cropping. This is the most popular use for solar pumping systems.

Crops can be cultivated all year round with uninterrupted water supply to the farm. Even in industrial sites, this system can provide constant water supply in a timely manner with most cost efficient means.

At no time will the farms or the sites will run out of water supply even in the cloudy period of the year.

We deploy the best solar panels that will capture rays of lights at the least cloudy weather.


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