Domestic Solar Solution

Domestic Solar Solution

Domestic Solar System

Off Grid Solar System is basically used for homes, sheds, remote locations and for businesses. It is the most suitable system for Nigeria’s homes. It provides power to homes, businesses with no connection to the grid.

It provides an electricity supply to the house for 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year with justifiable cost and maximum satisfactions. Though, the initial cost of it might be huge but the benefits on the long-run are very enormous.

Considering the situation of the power supply in the country, with the increase in the charges by the utility companies without corresponding power supply. We are paying for the service never render to us.

But with Solar system, we are guaranteed persistent power supply with no interruption. It provides stable power supply and can power any appliances connected to it based on the energy generated by the solar panels.

The system is so simple and it generates power to its full capacity efficiently. It is a system with minimal maintenance fees and little or no carbon footprint. It guarantees stable power supply compare to the grid that has been unreliable for years.



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