Solar without Battery

Our mission is to help our clients reduce cost of installing solar power system without compromising on high quality and excellent customer satisfactions. This prompts the innovation of the “Solar without battery” concept.

The concept will suit those businesses that operate between the hours of 0700 – 1900 hours of the day. Not only does it save the cost on operating on diesel, it also helps the organization to be greener and efficient in their services.

The following organizations can benefit from this concept:

  • Shopping Mail
  • Farms (Irrigation system)
  • Petrol (Gas) Station
  • Schools etc.

Actually, the initial cost of solar system is high but the most expensive component of the system is the battery. With this concept, the cost of the battery is reduced if not eliminated.

Maintenance Options

Our products come with maintenance options. To ensure our promised of efficiencies in the service, we work with reputable insurance firms to provide you with rest assured service that will kick-in in case of any down in service.

Once you’ve got your new solar system, we know you’ll never want to be without it again. So why not cover your system with any of our maintenance options?

​The maintenance options are into 3 parts:

100% Option

This will give you rest of mind that you don’t need to cough out any penny in case of down in service. The insurance firm will pay the total cost of getting your service back and running.

50% Option

This will be a divide shares as the insurance firm will pay 50% of the total cost of getting your service to full functionality and the remaining 50% would be borne by you.

0% Option

In this case, the total cost of getting your service back and running would be solely borne by you. (Terms & Conditions apply).

So, What’s Included?

  • Immediate accidental damage cover
  • Breakdown cover after your manufacturer’s guarantee has ended (excluding Accidental Damage only Replacement Care)
  • A brand-new replacement – after your manufacturer’s guarantee expires

And What’s Not Included?

  • Loss, theft, cosmetic and deliberate damage
  • Breakdown or accidental damage covered by another guarantee or warranty.
​24/7 On-Call Service 

Our professional lines are opened 24/7. Someone will be there to attend to your call and an engineer will be dispatched out within 24 hours to attend to your urgent needs.

​Alternative solution would be provided to enable you to continue enjoying your service as if nothing happens.

Professional Installation

Our engineers are American trained. We guaranteed that our engineers will give you the best customer experience you ever imagined.

With our exceptional services, we follow up with our customers to ensure the service we render meet their expectations.

Also, we encourage feedback from our customers to improve and render the best services expected of us. 

​All feedback is welcome!!!

​Quarterly System  Checkup

We have monthly and quarterly service checkup. We do this to ensure that our services are running as expected. and our customers are enjoying what they paid for.

In case of any faulty equipment, we carry out instant replacement of the equipment and repair the faulty gadgets in order to give our customers uninterrupted service.

High Quality Products

​Solar-Bits source out for the best products with long years of warranty. All our products come with manufacturer’s warranty that ranges from 2 to 25 years.

This gives our customers rest of mind on the products and services we provide to them.

We source our products from renowned manufacturers through the world; from America to Europe and Asia.

​We are our products/services as we stand by what we sell to you.

​Enjoy your self with no interruption.


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